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FarmGen user of Tams Funding for Solar Pv.

Interest in Tirlán’s enhanced Solar Pv FarmGen Programme has increased significantly since it was launched in August 2022 and hundreds of farm families say they want to invest in the wider selection of fully-financed, turnkey solar-powered energy solutions it offers.

The newly-announced Standalone Solar Pv funding under the Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (Tams) is due to come into effect in early 2023.  For installations costing up to €90,000 it provides a grant at a rate of 60% of the cost incurred for solar panel installations on agricultural buildings and farmhouses.

This development is also expected to boost FarmGen and Tirlán’s work on family farms with milk and grain suppliers to drive both on-farm efficiency and Tirlán’s Living Proof ambitions, Damien Sutton, FarmGen Programme Manager, said.

“FarmGen has overcome the challenges posed by grant funding and Covid19 to become one of the largest users of Tams Funding for Solar Pv. The imminent launch of the 2023 Tams programme is expected to further boost interest,” he said.

Investing in a FarmGen Solar Pv bundle is also an approved action under Tirlán’s Sustainability Action Payment programme, making it an even more attractive investment and one of seven on-farm actions that leads to a 0.5cpl additional payment for milk suppliers into 2023 and beyond.

A large number of Tirlán’s farm families across 13 counties have already installed FarmGen systems and new partner, PV Generation, brings a wealth of experience to the farming sector  and to the programme which is also supported by Finance Ireland.

FarmGen’s bespoke rooftop solutions offer farm families an opportunity to reduce their energy bills in a time of spiralling energy costs. The bespoke systems are designed to power energy intensive processes on farm such as milk cooling, vacuum pumps, water heating and more. Depending on the system type, FarmGen can  deliver energy savings of between 20% and over 30% per annum.

Finance Ireland provides FarmGen customers with a flexible and competitively-priced financing option through the FundEquip Scheme, to enable Tirlán farmers improve energy efficiency and grow their business sustainably. 100% financing is available and seasonal payments can be spread over three or five years.

PV Generation supply and install state-of-the-art Solar Pv systems on each farm. The system monitors energy generation and consumption in real-time; helping to give farm families a better understanding of when and where energy is consumed, therefore assisting and driving further efficiencies into the future,  reducing their energy costs whilst operating in a sustainable manner.

FarmGen is open to all farming sectors and sizes, with customised commercial packages available and options also available for those who wish to install Solar Pv in their homes to harness the power of green energy.


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